How to Invert Colors on iPhone and iPad – 3 Quick Options

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What’s the Purpose of Inverting Colors on Cellphones?

Why would you ever want to invert the colors on your iPhone or iPad? It seems like it would just make everything look weird and not nice to look at. So why is it even an option on mobile phones?

Why Invert the Colors on an iPhone?

It does have some very limited uses and I find myself actually never using it, but it does have a time and place.

Prevent Eyestrain by Inverting Colors on iPhone or iPad

If you find yourself with constant headaches from staring at your phone all day, try inverting the colors for an hour or so. The darker colors ease a lot of stress on the eyes caused by the bright white light of the screen.

I would not recommend inverting your colors if you’ll be editing selfies to post on Instagram though.

Keeping the Lights Low

I prefer watching movies from the comfort of my own home, but for those that enjoy a night at the cinema and can’t stop texting, inverted colors are perfect for you.

With the dark colors your face won’t be lit up like a Christmas Tree for the entire theater to see.

Honestly though, why are you texting after you just paid like $20 for a ticket?

Prevent Screen Burn-In

Screen burn-in is a real thing and it can happen to most AMOLED screens. If you’re anything like me though, you’re getting a new phone way before any type of burn-in could occur. But it is a real thing and it still happens.

How to Invert Colors on iPhone and iPad

Setting your iPhone or iPad colors to always be inverted is pretty simple to do, but having it on constantly is not ideal for me. Keep reading for 2 shortcuts to make turning Smart Invert on or off.

Invert Colors through Accessibility Settings
  • Open “Settings
  • Scroll down to “Accessibility” and click
Side Button Smart Invert Setup - Display and Text Size Settings
  • Within Accessibility, scroll until you find the “Display & Text Size” Settings
Smart Invert Colors - Setup
  • Click the slider on either “Smart Invert” or “Classic Invert” to enable
  • Smart Invert will attempt to only invert colors of the display and not images or media
  • Classic Invert inverts all colors of everything, including images and medai
Smart Invert Colors - Inverted
  • Smart Invert enabled on Settings screen

Using the Side Button to Activate Smart Invert on iPhone

You can simplify inverting your colors by setting up a Side Button shortcut on your phone. This accessibility feature allows you to click your Side Button 3 times quickly to activate whichever shortcut you chose.

Scroll down to see how to enable this feature to activate Smart Invert on your iPhone.

Invert Colors through Accessibility Settings
  • Again, open “Settings” and scroll to “Accessibility
Side Button Smart Invert Setup
  • Now scroll down until you see the “Side Button” option
Smart Invert Colors - Picking the Shortcut
  • This brings up a list of shortcut actions when you Triple-Click on the Side Button
  • For this scenario, click on Smart Invert and you’ll see the little checkmark appear to the left.
Side Button Shortcut - Inverted Colors
  • Now when you Triple-Click the Side Button, your smart invert shortcut will enable.

Back Tap for Quick Color Invert on iPhone

Here’s another Accessibility shortcut that uses the touch sensitivity of your phone to activate certain shortcuts. Double or Triple tapping on the rear of your phone activates whichever shortcut you picked.

Check out the steps required to quickly invert your colors using the Triple Tap shortcut!

Invert Colors through Accessibility Settings
  • Yet again, go to “Settings” and scroll to “Accessibility” and click
Back Tap Setup
  • Scroll down and under the Physical and Motor options click on “Touch
Back Tap Setup - Back Tap Settings
  • At the very bottom you’ll see an option labeled “Back Tap” that you’ll click on.
Back Tap Setup - Double Tap or Triple Tap
  • There are two options for the Back Tap feature.
  • Double Tap – Tapping the rear of your phone twice, quickly
  • Triple Tap – Tapping the rear of your phone three times quickly
  • I find the Double Tap activates a lot more by accident than the Triple Tap so my advice is to choose Triple Tap.
Back Tap Setup - Picking Smart or Classic Invert Shortcut
  • After you picked either Double or Triple Tap you’ll be shown a list of action shortcuts that will be activated when you tap the rear of your phone.
  • Click on Smart Invert
Back Tap Setup - Picking Smart Invert Shortcut
  • When you click it, a checkmark will appear to the right showing it is the active shortcut.
Back Tap Setup - Smart Invert
  • Now simply Triple Tap on the back of your phone with your finger and Smart Invert will activate.
  • Triple Tap again to return to normal colors.

As you can see, there are a couple ways on how to invert colors on iPhone and iPad. Why you would want to is another story, but that’s how you do it.

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