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From the dusty corners of my mind and the depths of my love for roulette, behold my brainchild – a swanky roulette calculator and bet tracker. It’s high-tech, advanced, and ready to serve the fearless roulette patrons of

The why and the how? Pull up a chair.


Fed up with messy tracking, I dived headfirst into Google Sheets. My crusade against untidy betting led to an innovative, intuitive, quirky, shake-rattle-and-roll roulette calculator.

Created a betting column. Gave winning numbers their red carpet moment. Taught my cells to count, and count well. Harnessed Martingale, everyone’s favorite horse. Did it double down after every loss? You bet. And the cherry on top? The reset power in Cell J16. Voila!

For the roulette romantic, the thrill-seeker, the data-hungry bettor, magic awaits. My creation straddles the line between tradition and technology with balletic grace. Patterns pop and while the roulette wheel spins, our betting gets a smart new sidekick.

Join me, friends. This is your ticket to the big leagues. It’s more than a spreadsheet, it’s the thrill of the chase, the sigh of relief, and the shout of triumph in every cell.

Are you game enough? I warn you, once you start, you might not stop. Go to the download.

Game On: How My Roulette Calculator and Bet Tracker System Works

Got cheers in your eyes and ready to spin into the Roulette big leagues? Here’s the scoop on running my Google sheet. Buckle up, and let’s spin this guide!

The Betting:

Pop your bets under Bet Size according to what you want to bet on. Spin away!

First bet

Total Bet Love:

Check out cell Total Bet, your faithful friend, summing up all bets. It’s a mini-Mathlete. You see we placed $1 bets on 1-18, Red, Odd, 2nd 12, and 2nd Column for a total of $5.

The Winning Number:

Check the winning number in the corresponding checkbox and it displays it at the top like Vegas at night.

2nd bet

In this case we spun a 28, so we lost all of our bets. It doubles on losses and we re-bet. Now we’re at $2/each.

Notice the cells under the numbers, Total Win / Total Loss. These keep a running tally of both your wins and losses. At the top your Total Profit (or loss) is displayed.

3rd Bet roulette calculator

Yes! A 3. Looks like we’ve won a few bets. Still lost a couple though. So we double those losses and re-spin.

The Running Tally:

Eyes on the cells under Total Count. They’re constantly on the job, counting outside bet wins, and spotlighting the highest ones.

Final Bet

Lady luck is not on our side today. Looks like we had a 25 spin. So we double our bets again and cross our fingers.

Win roulette calculator

Nice, 17!! Jackpot number! All our bets are cleared and we’ve profited $21.

The Win Calculation:

You saw that, right? Won a round, the sheet computes your win, and the betting cell clears faster than grandma at a Black Friday sale.

Reset Radiance:

Want a fresh game? Hit the Reset checkbox. It’s like a “do-over” button for adults. It will reset all bets, wins, losses, and counts.

Reset roulette calculator

Get ready, the game awaits! My Google roulette calculator and bet tracker system are exactly what you never knew you needed till now!

It is 100% FREE. You can do with it what you wish once you make a copy. I’m not a coding expert, so if you have issues, I may not be able to help. That’s why it’s free. It only works on Google Sheets. If you enjoy the sheet and want to show some love, I’d appreciate anything you offer! PaypalVenmo

You’ll first need to make a copy of the sheet to save on your google sheets account.

make a copy of the sheet

After copying the Roulette Calculator Outside Betting sheet from Google you’ll need to run the script and possibly allow permissions.

Go to Apps Script under Extensions tab.


Click Run

Apps Script Run

That’s it. You will get an error at the bottom of the screen but ignore it. Just go back to the sheet and refresh the page. The script should be working now.

Error Screen

Discovering The Spin: Mastering Roulette with My Go-To Betting Strategy

Dive into the heart-pounding thrill of the roulette universe with my go-to strategy, a unique blend of logic, luck, and bucket-loads of fun! If you’re stepping into the roulette world for the first time, allow me to guide you through this distinctive betting model that I swear by for having fun. Know your limits and set a stop loss EVERY TIME you play and stick to it:

  1. Pocket Change Investment: Start by taking your first dollar and spreading it out as bets across the entire outside board. Red, black, even, odd, high, low, 1st, 2nd, 3rd dozen, and all columns – they each get $1.
  2. Embracing the Spin: As the wheel spins and decides a winning pocket, evaluate the aftermath. When you win? Fantastic! You’re now going to ignore that winning category for the next round. The first spin, you will break even, unless you roll a 0, 00.
  3. Double Trouble Now: turn your gaze at the bets that didn’t make the cut. For the next round, you’re going to double the stakes ie. your bet for those categories jumps from $1 to $2.
  4. Ride the Thrill: Repeat this process with each spin. Double your bet amount for every loss. Over time, you’ll find that you are betting only on squares that haven’t won yet.
  5. Reset and Let It Roll: If you’re feeling like the game board needs a fresh infusion of energy, hit the reset checkboxes and get back to the start. Trust your instincts and save your bankroll.

That’s the thrill of your unique roulette strategy! Welcoming the win, embracing the losses, and doubling the bets until Lady Luck graces the occasion. Welcome aboard, and may the spins be ever in your favor! Ready to give it a whirl?

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